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Green Line       AN2015

Autumn in May    AN2015

Wall Composition  AN2015

Sienna and Grey Wall  AN2015

Ninepins      AN2015

Blue from Here    AN2015

Green Red and Grey   AN2015

Free Flower       AN2015

Blues Grey     AN2015

Nail      AN2015

Square Wooden  AN2015

Green Bays   AN2015

Grey Stone   AN2015

TAGG   A ...    AN2015

...Some old stones to tell us the earth, the sky , some time to follow a way, the power of flowers ...
Amina Naili   


Photos and Exhibition realized by Amina Naili.


8th May 2015.


Photo de Fond d'Ecran  Cmaïeu by Amina Naili.2015



From AND Studio.


Private Collection.All Rights reserved.

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