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 Krzysztof Niemczyk

Born and educated in Krakow, Krzysztof Niemczyk (1938-1994)was a Krakow Artist,Painter, Musician and Writer(Autor of The Courtesan and the Chicks; Tragic Field and Boy breaking up a Family).


Niemczyk was part of those close to the Foksal Gallery and Krzystofory Gallery.

He was a friend of Tadeusz Kantor and Henryk Stazewski.


Independant and open Artist,Niemczyk was considered for his politic actions and his lifestyle as a marginal Artist.


After thirty years of forgetting and silence, Niemczyk is considered today as a famous and legendary contemporan Artist by the younger and probably by the all future generation.


Amina Naili









K.Niemczyk - Na Wulcania -AND323.jpg
K.Niemczyk -Na Wulkania-AND324.jpg
K.Niemczyk-Na Wulkania-AND326.jpg
K.Niemczyk- Na Wulcania- AND329.jpg
Tadeusz Kantor -Portrait-AND337.jpg
K.Niemczyk- Lunia- AND338.jpg
K.Niemczyk-Lunia- AND340.jpg
K.Niemczyk- Hommage-2010-AND348.jpg
Tadeusz Kantor- Autoportrait-361.jpg
K.Niemcszky - 04.07.2014 18.53 -AND- 2.png
K.Niemcszky - 04.07.2014 18.53 -AND.png
K.Niemcszky - 04.07.2014 18.53 -Studio AND-.png
Sans titre.png
K.Niemczyk- AND351.jpg

Photo de Fond d'Ecran,

Krzystof Niemczyk Photography.

From Krakov Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Private Collection

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