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Whu Changshuo

Wu Changshuo (1844-1927)was a famous Chinese Artist Painter and Calligrapher.


He was the friend of Pan Tianshu.


Wu Changshuo was the first Chinese Artist Expressionnist Painter. His Birds and Flowers are endowed with sentiments and arouse our emotion.


The individualistic Style of Wu Changshou is associated with Literati Painting.




Pan Tianshu

Pan Tianshu (1897-1971) was a Great Chinese Artist of Painting, Art Educator and Art Theorist at Shangai Art School.


He was the Teacher of Wu Ghanzhong and the friend of Wu Changshuo.


The artistic work of Pan Tianshu, his Old Chinese Paintings and his Calligraphies are an important part of the Fine Cultural Heritage of the Chinese Poeple and constitute a treasure in the History of Art. 

Wu Guanzhong

Wu Guanzhong(1919-2010) is a famous Chinese Comtemporary Artist Painter and Man of Literati. 


He was born and educated in China. After studies engineering at Zhejian Industrial School (China),he was transferred to the National Arts Academy of Hangzhou.


Influenced by the artistic works and rechearches of his Teacher Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) and Pan Tianshou (1897-1971), Wu Guanzhong studying the Easter and Western Art.


In 1946, Wu moved to France to study at National Hight School of Fine Arts in Paris.

He has told his admiration for Utrillo,Braque,Matisse,Gauguin,Cezanne,Picasso and specially Van Gogh, and for The Impressionnism.


In 1950,Wu Guanzhong come back in China, and he is named successively Teacher in Central Academy of Pekin, in Tsinghua of Beijing University, and College of Fine Arts.


From 1972 at 1976,the artistic career of the artist is interrupted by The Cultural Revolution,Wu Ghanzhong has the right to paint only the public holidays.


In 1991, Wu Guanzhong has named Officer of Orders 's Arts and Letters by French Government.


In 1992,his artistic productions were exhibited in the prestigious British Museum of London. Wu Ghanzhong was the first Chinese Artist living exhibited.


In 2006 Chinese Universiy of Hong Kong give to Wu Guanzhong the qualification of Honorific Doctorat.



His Paintings are influenced  by the artistics movments of Occidental and Orient.


He has painting various aspects of China including, landscapes,waterscapes, animals,flowers, poeple and villages, towns, gardens in a style reminiscent the impressionnism of the early 1900s.

His artistic and poetical representation of the Nature is simple but powerful by the forms, the colors, the spirit and its abstract sense.


Wu Guanzhong had  exhibitions in Museums in China (Hong Kong,Tapei) and around the world in Korea,Japan (Tokyo),Singapor, England (London) and United States of



Amina Naili. 






















Illustration de Fond d'Ecran Little Tits in Flight

by Artist Painter Pan Tianshu.

From Museum of China.

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