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Amina Naili Darwiche is a french Artist. Born and educated in Algeria and France, she lives actually in France.


She was follower of her teachers who were Brigitte Kühlewing Brennesthul,Emile Mangiapan,Daniel Lopez,Pierre Sulik and Jean Christophe.

So she also met contemporary Artists such as Bernard Marbach, Philipe Glemet, Brigitte Mathieu, Roubert Petit Michèle...


She went away from paths of representational Art to evolve towards a more abstract artistic expression.


War without tears is the outcome of an artistic long way where the material, the color and the sense are one, and, she wishes it, will be perceveid as universal, free and accessible for everyone and each. 



Amina Naili Darwiche:
War without tears

04/01/2023 - 05/10/2023


04/01/2023 - 05/10/2023

AND is a Photographer Artist, she is working with AND Studio since a long time away...


We invite you to visit her artist section.



Without You


Without You
You Cry
I Cry
White Lack
Blue the Heart's Bark
Need You
Absolute Passion
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