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Born and educated in China,Lin Fengmian (1900-1991)was a famous Chinese Artist Painter and Art Educator.


After graduating Hight School in China; from 1918 to 1925,Lin Fengmian moved to France to study the European painting at Dijon Art College, then at Hight School of Fine Art in Paris.


President of National Arts Academy of Pekin and Director of Art Academy of Hangzhou in China,Lin Felgmian was also a highly teacher.

The Artist Painter Wu Guanzhong was one of his disciple.




The Father of Lin Fengmian was Artist Painter and Lin learned the traditionnal techniques of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy when he was children.


All his artistic work is influenced and printed by

the cultural melange between the artistic movements from the Ocidental and the Orient.

Lin Fengmian was a pionner for his artistic rechearch, his quest and aspiration to the harmony.


His admirable paintings are a completude of colors, forms, matters and spirit.  


The Style or the artistic pictural writing of Lin felgmian is unique.


Lin Felgmian is recognized as a famous and influential Contemporary Artist in China and by the Contemporary Artistic World.



















Lin Fengmian




Photo de Fond d'Ecran Autumn.AND Studio
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