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Andrew Mary with her Mother, Leony Lefebure Daubigne

Fonctionnaire.Chef de Bureau à la Compagnie des Chemins de Fer.France

Leony deported at Auchswitch, is died and inhumed in Germany. 1943

Letter from Leony to Andrew Mary before her arrestation by Gestapo.1942

Demand of Information about Leony, from the husband of Andrew Mary, Taeb ,she and he Teachers of French National Education.


Andrew Mary photographied by Jean Sabail, the second husband of Leony.


Pupille de la Nation.

His Father was Rene Yvan, child of Public Assistance born of father unknowed. Rene Yvan is died at the first world war.


Andrew Mary Yvan will keep hope all her life...


Amina Naili, the 11th July 2015

Andrew Mary with her Mother Leony.

Photo by Jean Sabail.

Taeb, the Husband of Andrew Mary.

Secondary School Professor holder of the Agregation of History and Geography.

Taeb and Andrew Mary with a friend.

Danielle my Mother with two of her friends.


Amina Naili the 11th July 2015

My Parents ...Nice.



Amina Naili  the 11th July 2015

Andrew Mary with the first baby of her only girl.

With my Grand Mother , a morning.



Amina Naili,  the 11th July 2015

Andrew Mary my Grand Mother , Elementary School Teacher,with a friend.

The elegance ...


Amina Naili, 11th July 2015

Happy Days !

Three TowersJe suis un paragraphe. Cliquez ici pour ajouter votre propre texte et modifiez-moi. Je suis l'endroit parfait pour raconter une histoire, et pour vous présenter à vos utilisateurs.

The Salary of the sentence.

Usual salairy.



Dr Amina Naili


State French Diplomate of Pharmacy and Specialist of Hospital and Collectivity Pharmacy 

Diplomed of Right of the Healt Care


The Author of : La prise en charge des Toxicomanes en Europe, Droit comparé, sous la Direction de Michel Belanger,Professeur de Droit Public à l' Université de Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV, 1997.



Usurpation of Identity.

Photo de Fond d'Ecran UNCLASSIFIED by AND Studio .


Exhition realized by AND for AND Studio.


11th April 2015.

8th May 2015.


Private Collection.Tous Droits réservés.     






2001-2009. Psychiatric Internments with violences and no respect of the person and violation of identity.Now, the Denial by the Justice.France


The Patriot Act adopted this year will be probably used to legitimate these old criminal acts and to considerate their victims as potential criminals or terrorists.


The usurpation of the Identity is a crime too.


Now it is impossible in France to have Justice about so many criminal acts and for so many poeple 



2001 - In Urgency, violation of the physical, intellectual and psychological integrity, by the use of Drugs and protocole against the pharmaceutical  and human rights , with  sequestration, and the lie to the family. Since, the denial , and the reject in the fact of the society and the separation of my family.


I have sended an expertise at the french Justice 2014. Rejected 2015.My only request was the true for my children, and my family, and my professional rehabilitation, my resocialisation. That it would be a problem, and impossible at this time.Difficult for and by me to show this acts, because I was no free, and without memory after the administration, an injection by bolus of the first chemical solution and no identified. I have not seen my agressors 3 days. I don't know where, in the first place, or transported, I was unconscient, but probably with the capacity to answer at the orders.


Today, I alway don't know who they were, and what number.

After these 3 days, i was transfered in another medical service, with an very strong pharmaceutical treatment, and a diagnosis more founded in the effects of it, than my real depression.


A deep and unknowed suffering at my waking up, the questions about to the medical personal about.


And after many sexual allusions and diffamations of my person , my morality, my inaptitude to work in my discipline from the personal of this public hôpital and around.At each future hospitalisation, it will be new lies by the doctors against the reality.More and more visible. Like a game for them.

But destructor for me, because without issue for me to be undestand by. That was not the fact of their possible uncompetence, but really the fact of their volonty. So, perfectly premedited, and greatly organised..Ouside the hospital and the city also ...


But the more difficult is the attitude today of the family, the indifference of a lot of them, so my impossibility to be and live happy in this context, and their lie.That is the inhuman and totally unjust consequence of.The but being to a social and humiliate assistance by this social exclusion and the spoliation of my identity, our story and our life.In the better, a salary and condition of work that I considerate today like an intellectual  exploitation, an ostentary incitation at the prostitution also.In a context of moral harcelement. Now my family is disapointed by me, and judge that I have probably merited my work and social condition. 


My family was not rich, but I have never knowed this hight poperty and mediocraty winner here.


Finally since thirty years, the economic crisis, a wonderful pretext to explain and justifiate all this waste.My telled madness, for not to be heared.


By the historical story of my family, and trought my life,I can't believe that it would be good for my chidren to remain more  time here.Because logically, their future will be worst than their Mother.But I know, like me than they love their country. So, when the country don't love its children, all children, and kill their dream...An they couln't to build their personality and their future on the lie and the denial, and to choice their way.


My story is real,  it is the true.



Today, ma grand mothers and my mother cry ...







Dr Amina Naili 11th July 2015,

Mother of three children.

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