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Marcel Flisiuk is American Artist Painter, born in Poland in 1976.


Since he lives in USA. After staying at New Orleans, he settled at New England where he currently resides.


From the New Orleans, Marcel keeps memories of his childhood, precious and moving, but also painful events tthat have marked his life and his artistic work.

Together with a deep influence of the music, Jazz and Soul.


In a biograpy , his father Michal Flisiuk says us that Marcel has sold his first draw at 10 in this City and about the artistic influence of his family, notably  his mother, Teresa Flisiuk who is Writer.



His artisitic work is printed of pictorial art and writing, of representational and expressionnisme art . Between Slavic and North American culture and sensitivity.



The pictural writing and style of Marcel Flisiuk are own and unique.

The colors are meaningful, as the characters whom he draws.



Each of his painting tell a story, an imaginary  travel between the dream and  reality,  the soul and unconscious fears ,

tell us the beings and the world.



Amina Naili


24th September 2015





















INSOMNIA   Marcel Flisiuk

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